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Reformer Pilates builds on the traditional mat work of Joseph Pilates. It offers a more intense and dynamic program by creating resistance through the use of springs on a Reformer Bed.


Reformer Pilates aims to build core stabilization as well as joint stability, muscle strength, tone, flexibility, balance and co-ordination by working the joints through a larger range of motion than is available in traditional Pilates mat work.


This is a one hour, intermediate level group class requiring a certain degree of body awareness, strength, flexibility and familiarity with the Pilates Method.

Class duration: 1 hour


Our group Studio Pilates sessions allow you to follow a tailored program designed for your individual needs. Sessions are limited to a maximum of 3 clients and offer access to a full range of specialized equipment, including the Universal Reformer Bed, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, and a variety of small apparatus. PLEASE NOTE, these sessions are tailored to the individual following a full postural and movement assessment in an initial 1:1 consultation. Clients with physiological conditions or rehabilitative needs are particularly well suited to our Studio Pilates sessions.

Class duration: 1 hour


Perfect if you are rehabilitating an injury, managing a physiological condition or simply like to work out in private or with a partner with the focused attention of your instructor. Private and Semi-Private sessions provide constant supervision to ensure quality and precision of movement.

Session duration: 1 hour

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